by Kellerville

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released January 31, 2013



all rights reserved


Kellerville Cross Village, Michigan

Kellerville is both real and imagined. In Cross Village there is a tiny part of town where Lee Dyer and Holly Keller both grew up playing music. After many years of separate creation they formed an original acoustic duo to bring them back to the town that wrought them. With songs of storytelling and personal experience, let them paint you a picture of home with a song. Welcome to Kellerville. ... more

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Track Name: The Weatherman
The Weatherman

Well I got mad at the weatherman today
he said it's all blown south
when the storm breaks I will cave
all I wanted was to bring some friends around

but you can't stay mad at three day forecasts
well it surely passes
and all I need is the wind in the trees
to turn back north again

and I won't mind when the power lines are breaking
stay inside where all will keep together
out of the weatherman's sweet lies

in years gone past we've had our laughs
here at home
when heart breaks heavy rain
we gather here to weather out the storm

but it seems that gravity she
won't let go
she wants me to stay behind
while everybody i know is getting lives of their own


the wind it blows we all grow old
the clock runs slow
i need somebody here
to scare away the fear and make this house a home

good friends have come and they have gone
and I miss them all
one heavy hurricane
is what we need to get them under the same roof once more

and we
Track Name: Lead you Through
Lead You Through

When it's late and the lightening sparks
you feel the jolt inside your bones down to your heart
when the flash in your eyes makes you go blind
I will lead you through the dark

down comes the rain hail sleet and the snow
it only gets softer the further you go
if your hands are freezing but your eyes are a glow
I will lead you through the dark

from your toes to your fingertips
you're losing touch, you're starting to slip
never lose your grip, take my hand oh
i will lead you through
2nd half of chorus

Let it wash over you like a tidal wave
you're shaken not stirred, so don't be afraid
you'll pull yourself above it and the surface will break
I will lead you through the dark

when you're standing on that distant shore
sinking like the sun can't take anymore
when pins and needles prick you down to the core
I will lead you through
I will lead you
I didn't mean to ever leave you
I will lead you through
I will lead you through the dark


with a strike of my hand I will light up a flame
together we can weather this treacherous cave
follow the fire till you're feeling no pain
I will lead you through the dark


I will lead youX3
I will lead you through the darkX3
Track Name: Preacher Hayes
Preacher Hayes

In a southern town was a preacher man.
Known by the name of Hayes
The judge on high went and sealed his fate
Heard he had a lover.
Found her with her husband
Murdered by the preacher Hayes.
Her husband Gary was a gambling man
Never put much stock in faith.
till he got suspicious of someone with his mrs.
So he started stalking her.
down to the church
where he caught her with the preacher Hayes.

Their love burned like wildfire.
They made plans to leave that night.
Gary ran back home and sharpened up his knife.
In his eyes the flames grew higher and higher.

And he said 'Goddamn that preacher man.
Gonna put him in his grave.
Ain't no prayer gonna keep him safe.
Hey I'm gonna cut ya.
Your days are numbered.
I'm coming for ya preacher Hayes.

Preacher packed his wagon and they headed to the edge of town.
With no idea he was waiting there to bring that wagon down.
Gary creeped up from behind to greet her with his blade.
Cut her down and headed on straight for preacher Hayes.

Hayes was not the fighting kind but a rage grew in his eyes.
He tore the blade from gary's hand ending one more life.
Sheriff rode up to the scene saw Hayes in all that blood.
Only thing that Hayes could say was "God, what have I done?"

The day is drawn preacher Hayes is hung.
Guilty of a lover's fate.
Lord knows he don't deserve it.
He was only here to worship, well
Gary was a beatin' her.
Sure she was a cheatin
But that's never cause for making her bleed
And they blamed it all on Hayes.

Gary was a deadbeat.
Devil loves his company.
Have mercy on the preacher Hayes.
Track Name: Missouri Plains
Goodbye Missouri Plains

i set off gonna drift away
with no intentions of coming back this way
no one there to see me off so i do not wave
goodbye missouri plains

We started off so well.
we caught the fever and we
ran to the water getting lost in the sight of it all
but you kept leaving and that's a hell I can do without, so
Goodbye Missouri plains.

Well my lone hand lost it's ace of love.
So I tip my hat to good times gone.
And if luck should laugh and strike me dead.
At least I lived awhile before I left.

Waiting at the docks gonna rent me a raft on the mississippi
I lost the will to walk so I need that water
Clouds arrange into the shape of a face i will never forget you
Goodbye Missouri Plains

I'm never giving up nobody bring me down.
I'm gonna ride this water til the sun comes down.
Even if it gets rough I'll never turn around.
Goodbye Missouri plains.
Goodbye Missouri Plains.
Goodbye Missouri Plains.
Track Name: Mr. Little
Mr. Little

I wake in the morning and throw on some clothes.
I brew the coffee and burn my toast.
I check the radio they don't even know.
Sky's been falling again.

I move to the living room and draw the shades.
Nothing new on the streets today.
Car horns are beepin' and the kids are at play.
Sky's been falling again.

And I called, but no one noticed.

So I run to the cellar and lock the door.
I ain't leavin' until I'm sure
The world's still spinnin' in seven days.
Stars still hangin' in the same place.
Give me a reason to step outside.
I've got several weeks supply.
Of canned food and batteries.
The sturdy kind that never die.
Get me out of here.
Before I lose what's left of my mind.

Late last night I stumbled into Allie May.
Let her know we're gonna blow to smithereens.
She laughed and shrugged it off
As I tried to explain.
The sky is crashin' down.
I wouldn't wanna stick around.
I got this real bad feelin' hangin' over this place.
World is gonna blow in seven days.
She rolled her eyes and said "I've heard this all before
it's nearly every week you're knocking down my door
I must have gone insane cause now I am for sure
The sky is crashin' down.
I wouldn't wanna stick around.
I got this real bad feelin' hangin' over this place.
World is gonna blow in seven days.
And I called, but no one noticed.
I tried, but no one cared.
I shouted out HEY WORLD is ending soon,
But no one gave a damn.

I wake in the morning on the seventh day.
Nothing moves on the streets today.
No car horns beeping'. No children at play.
The sky has fallen today
Track Name: Come now Love
Come now love

Come now love
don't speak so sweetly
you will only leave me
in my own despair

oh, come
lay down beside me
here in this moment
while i drift away

if I stay, I would hold so tight
while you escape
slip from my hands
oh, keep me safe
clean up the mess you made
and take what you never gave

come now love
let me down easy
your words are fleeting
won't you play fair

oh come
tell me so softly
i am ready
to hear it straight

Don't let me tell you I was wrong
don't make me spend another night alone
it seems you've known
all along
it's not enough
it's not here before it's gone

come now love
kiss me so sweetly
tell me you'll miss me
or take what i have left
Track Name: Break the Dawn
Break the Dawn

take the time to make your bed
pull the sheets over your bad dreams
forgive and forget

sweep the floors and wash the walls
you've been living in a dream house

these halls are worn
you're torn
caught between your slumber and the dawn breaks
waking all
your faults
time for you to wake
break the dawn

you were there when i was lost
eyes shrouded in shadows
sinking slow
you took my hand and in return
i will offer you this real house
seek shelter


hey, you're not the only one
waiting for the sun
chase the haze away

You were hiding in the hills
Making wishes out of starlights
Searching for
A symbol or a satellite
Any sign to show the we are not
All alone long walk led you back through the dark.
Nobody was watching.
Nobody was home.


you are worn
time won't wait so
shine until you break
Track Name: Feel Better
Feel Better

All the noise All the noise.
Every girl every boy goes quiet.
And they hide and they hold till it's time for shouting.
And there's a mountain out my bedroom window
Just above the dresser where I found your note
On your worn wedding dress. It's the last thing left.
And I wanna climb. Leave the world behind.
As the days drift by.

And if I am ever done shouting.
I will climb back down this mountain.
Wise ones and fools agree.
We were meant to Feel Better.

in the rear view mirror I can see you clear
still standing, staring at your feet
all the thoughts caught in your throat
like the words of a letter that you never wrote down
running round and round and round (my mind)
I couldn't bear this quiet.

So if I am ever done shouting.
I will climb back down this mountain.
Wise ones and fools agree.
We were meant to Feel Better.
Do whatever makes you Feel Better.

Climb up the mountain. Climb up the mountain.
Come join the shouting. Come join the shouting
Run up the mountain, come join the shouting

All the noise. All the noise.
All the voices rising up the trail
Where the oxygen is thin
And I can barely breath
Let's turn troubles into screams.

If we are ever done shouting.
We can climb back down this mountain.
Wise ones and fools agree.
We were meant to Feel Better.

Do whatever makes you feel…..Better
Rise! (Wise ones) even fools agree.
We were meant to Feel Better.
Track Name: Going Walking
Going Walking

I'm going walking tonight to clear my mind
the friendly stars always help me to unwind
the swaying trees (how it puts me at ease) puts me at ease
the sweet night air (I can feel it) blowing on the breeze

when i can't sleep
(no slumber tonight)
when I can't dream
(mind is wound up so tight)
just step outside and everything is alright
oh i'm going walking tonight

the fireflies (dance around me)
as I stroll along
while the chirping crickets serenade me with their song
the crescent moon (smiles widely)
down on me
I smile back to myself cause i'm so filled with glee




hey the stars are shining bright
i'm going walking tonight
i need to clear my mind i need to unwind
cause i can't sleep i gotta find a way to dream
with my eyes open wide


i'm going walking X3 tonight
Track Name: Wishing Well
Wishing Well

I dove into the wishing well
to get my quarter back
cause 25 cents ain't enough to get me what i want
so i won't take another chance

kicked about splashed around found that shiny silver

wrong quarter

threw it back and stuck my head into that dirty water

wrong quarter

sort through the copper coins
my wishes hide beside the piles of nickels and dimes

there i stood in the wishing well
filling up my hat
till it's too heavy to hold on collecting the hopes of
too many people losing their dreams, they're never coming true
they're being robbed by a fountain

tossed my hat into the air and set them coins a flying

wrong quarter

watched the sparkle spinning fall, still i know it's too late

wrong quarter


Hey, how about a refund?
are you listening? no I don't think you are
otherwise i wouldn't be standing here
asking you please, please please please
please please help me
whoever you are

i'd give up all my riches for just a couple wishes

wrong quarter

Track Name: Across the Mackinaw
Across The Mackinaw

I remember well when summer came early.
In the midst of May we ran away.
Home would never be the same.
We were heading south Across the Mackinaw
To live in The Village with the other children.
We weren't leaving.
Down below the bridge over lake Michigan
I could see the signs of a better life,
(But I was too young to understand)
That way down below those
Grates of green steel
We wrote our history the day we drove Across the Mackinaw.
Seven years flew by and I
Left for college smiling.
Driving by my old man's house I knew he wasn't home so I
Shouldered in the door.
I tried on some clothes then
Hit the road smoking.
From Engadine to the Seaney highway miles and miles a blur went by me.
I met a girl up north through the winters we kept each other warm,
But it didn't last.
I dropped her and my classes and ran, ran, ran,
As I hit bridge over stormy waters
I lost control.
I swerved into the rail.
And way down below those
Grates of steely green
I saw my history the day I crashed Across the Mackinaw.
So now it's: One for the trouble and Two for the time
Gonna save my nickels and dimes.
Gotta pay the toll if I wanna make change,
But I can't afford to be a Troll these days
When I'm old and grey and these memories are faded
I will wade into the water.
Wash away the world I've wandered.
I won't grieve a single second spent speeding
Leaving tracks on the Mighty Mack
I made my mark so I'll never forget.
That way down below those
Grates of steely green
I wrote my history in waves Across the Mackinaw.
And there I go
A paper boat
Crayon-coated memories, a float
Beneath the bridge that lead us home.
Track Name: Time to Kill
stare out my window
heaven holds back
no showers for months now
and not a cloud been coming round
my way

you think it's easy
but all I can think is what i forgot
maybe it's real
maybe it's not
whatever it is, makes me feel like i'm losing Time
time to kill Time
keep on killing time
time to waste While
waste a little while

I'm feeling weak
here on my couch
there's nothing i need
hold on, wait a minute, to spend some Time
All I got is Time
time to kill Time
keep on killing time
time to waste While
waste a little while

I don't want to believe
i'll slide back in my seat
letting go of all these worries i know
i know
they'll come back around for another day

Please let me stay
stay here, right here
i'll wait for time to pass me by
time to kill